Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gantian found28 dig out item,. ( 10am-2pm ) was my first James Brooke coins (1863)..and
my second Queen Victoria (1862) ... Sabah Borneo coins not found..may be the area the earlier settlement ...

Brassware - porcelain pieces - bottle
Sarawak 1cent - J.brooke 1863 - C.Brooke 1880/1891
India Straits 1cent - Queen Victoria 1862

..Penemuan hari ini,. tidak ada duit syiling Borneo... Yang ada cuma Strait settlement dan Sarawak... dan Bertuah jugak kerna buat kali pertama jumpa syiling sarawak J.Brooke(1863)
..india straits yang ke-2 saya ..keadaan baikk -

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