Monday, December 2, 2013

my latest machine Teknetics G2 and beach night detecting :) finds 22k..yeah

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hi all , here are my new machine :) minelab x terra 305 ....
cost RM2k , received a week ago . so far finds tabs,bottle cap, sinker ,tin can, coins, hair pins, water engine parts, nails, bullet shell, many more , ...  2 ring (1 silver 925 another UNknown with character "Belier " ) ..

easy to use , long batery life (no headphone), disc on Mode1,2 , on dry land  setting (sens max, thres max,GB 10-max) ..on wet land 2 option ( 1) sens 4-6,thres max,GB,tone 3, * ,(2) sens max,thres max,GB max,tone 99 ... goodluck

>> ni lah mesin terbaru saya, biasa2 sja.. harga RM2k , hasil detecting terkini -> cincin 2 (silver/steel) ,coins RM1 ,dan banyak lagi junk metal ...  sehingga ke hunting yg seterusnya ....

another ring that i found at the same area :) not sure what kind of metal and the description is " Belier " and i love you ^_^ ..yeah.. you
Port Dickson Beach #detecting with X terra 305 
>> lawa jugak cincin nih tapi,tak satu pun jari kita bleh fit ..haha, terus kan mencari,..

hi, last nite #detecting with XT305 in PD beach .. nice look SILVER 925 GUCCI made in italia :D ~ wow 
...swing 2hours only before strong winds hits the beaches .. so scare :(  60km/hours .. maybe .. until the next hunt ...
>> cincin silver mark GUCCI 925 ... agak berat :D ... sdang asyik detecting..tiba2 ..angin kencang datang.. teringat ribut GREG dulu, cpat2 blah... seremmmm