Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Me and MDs!!SOLD!!stoRy2009

SOLD!!!rm1300.. 10-04-10*(C.O.D)*

metal detector saya yang pertama :) dah jual pada kawan dari Johore. :)


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  1. (quote from Thunting site about Yamashita Treasure Loot:) good lesson for everyone...
    (urang sabah pun,baca2 lah nih..)
    sengaja aku taruk sini...treasure hunter pandai2lah cari^__^... end/goodluck..
    thank you for the comment

    i just want to help nice people here trying to find this elusive treasures.
    and always remind what treasure hunting is base on my personal experiences.

    i got a few copies of "yamashita" treasure hunting codes myself and i dont know where it originally came from.
    all this signs and their supposed to be meanings, like heart shape drawings, coiled snakes,striking snakes, a box with an "X" in it. circles with another circle in it.etc. etc.

    they all got their corresponding meanings in each and every book or pamplet, i dont know wich is really the right one.
    measuring distances and depths and so on,

    but what surprises me is if you try to dig in supposed to be suspected treasure sites
    you will find this objects in the books really buried underneath. well i got this signs in some sites buried even up to 30 to 50 feet. and it puzzles me till now that who made this signs in the first place? where did this copies originally came from?why did this things unearthed corresponds with the drawings?

    it comes to me that maybe the japanese buried treasure stories might be true, or else this things categorized as "treasure symbols" will not be buried underground.

    using modern technology detectors no matter how credible it is ,remains to be a question mark if ever they could locate such buried treasure. like i said in my previous post, you will use a metal detector to no avail because of the many large metals buried in a suspaected treasure site.

    sureley your metal detector will beep and beep and after digging you'll find out of the rusted metals.
    its all scattered every where,

    charcoals or coals are common too. try blocking an x ray machine with carbon paper and 100% it wont work.
    charcoals and coals are made out of carbon.

    so your electro magnetic hightech detectors would also be blocked. layers of minerals, different colored clays , asphalts, gold dust and flakes ( phyrites ) are scattered deeply in a suspected treasure site,

    bottles, ming bowls, broken potterys, are insulators blocking frequencies of long range locators, try this if you have a long range locator or even a dowsing rod, get a gold ring, place a ming plate or bowl, or any glass bottles or terraquota pottery above it, and then try to locate that gold ring, you will find out what i mean. it cant detect your ring. blocking the signal frequency.

    this things were not buried underground for no reason.
    it must be somekind of defense mechanism hampering detection.

    in my own opinion, whoever did this is trying to conceal something wisely.
    well it maybe the treasure we are looking for maybe not.

    japanese military and navy during ww2 are not push overs, they have trained hard in every aspects by a higher command.
    they have full dedication to their emperor. if not there would be no kamikaze attacks.

    i have my reasons to say this personaly, if ever there is a huge amount of treasures buried here in the philippines by the japanese, it will be very hard to retrieve it.

    it would take lots of funding to try to recover one.

    be safe out there treasure hunters.
    by: members GOLDBAR888