Monday, March 29, 2010

Coin Album 72pc !!best Offer

:) lot of 72pc coins of my own colecting and recent Finds.No need to take a long time colecting one by one.if anyone interested, please leave msg or do contact my phone.
-northborneo,sabah : 10pc coins(1cent-29mm/20mm/"keris") -westbornneo,sarawak: 2pc (1cent -James brooke and charless brooke) -Malaya &straits: 44pc(square/round) king george VI/ george V -Malaysia : RM1(1991)/50sen(1967/78)/20sen(1973)/10sen(1967/79/81/82)/5sen (1967) -Hongkong: 10dollar 1995 -Japan 5 -korea 1991 -singapore 10cent (1986) -unknown pieces *xtra
^__^satu album duit syiling 72keping. Koleksi sendiri dan sebagian penemuan,sesiapa berminat boleh lah meng"offer"..heheh... kepada yang betul betul berminat sahaja.. yang dah ada tuh... bagi peluang lah yang takda ..hihiiii...

payment: MAYBANK / CIMB or PAYpaL*worldwide buyers
sHipment: !!*free*!! for domestic / *worldwide*contact me by email:)

phone: +60166446999 (doLah)

price: * any highest offer within 5days..
offer end saturday 3/4/2010^__^ thanks for viewing my friend.

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